Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool for Windows [Update Version 2021]

 The Xiaomi Flash Tool is used as a flash stock ROM firmware or as fastboot files already known. Stock firmware flashing is a must-do job to complete to recover Xiaomi smartphones and tablet computers. To take advantage of flashing benefits, download the unique version of Mi flash tool from the direct download links we have listed here.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool for Windows [Update Version 2021]

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Xiaomi Mi Flash already flashes stock ROM firmware known as fastboot files. It is urgent that stock firmware flashes all the time to recover Xiaomi smartphones and associated smart items. To receive flashing benefits, download the respective version of the Miflash tool from exposed direct download links.

Xiaomi Flash Tool Features

1. Xiaomi Flash Tool Installer-

Xiaomi Flash is a desktop program that requires a must-have installation on the PC. So the Xiaomi Mi flash download package here comes with ADB Tool, Software Files for Drivers, and Flash File. But you need to install the software on the PC soon after you've downloaded it.

2. Mi Flash drivers-

One of the highly responsible measures for making good connections is to install the correct drivers on the PC before attaching the software. So here, the built-in drivers come with the MiFlash tool to save you time , money and effort. They are sequential drivers such as Microsoft MTP, ADB Tool and Drivers applications, RNDIS Driver and Qualcomm USB. Then you can save time by manually downloading drivers.

3. Different flashing options-

Miflash tool is highly helpful for downloading. There are three flash options, such as "Flash all", "Flash all but storage" and "Flash all but storage and data".

Installation Guidelines

The Xiomi MI Flash Tool comes with an incredibly supportive gui that helps the user to quickly get to work. So note that it only supports quickboot firmware flashing, but not OTA. And we could mention the supported Mi flash tool devices as below. Xiaomi comes with an installer kit that allows you to install a program on a Windows PC. It supports Windows XP/7/8/10.

  1. Mi 2/ Mi 3/ Mi 4/ Mi 4i and Mi 4 C
  2. Mi 4s and Mi 5 models
  3. Redmi Note 2 and Note 3
  4. Mi Pad model
  5. Redmi Note 3rd Generation and Note 4th Generation
  6. Redmi 1/ Redmi 1S and Redmi 2

What is Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Two sets of stock firmware are available for each Xiaomi system-the Fastboot ROM and the Recovery ROM. The key difference between them is their flashing process. Although the Recovery ROM can be flashed directly from your device itself, the same does not apply to the Fastboot ROM. The latter needs to boot your device into Fastboot Mode, plus it is also important to install a few fastboot binaries on your PC before you can continue with the flashing steps.

All this might raise a fairly legitimate question: why should one opt for a Fastboot ROM if such a long list of flashing efforts is required? Agreed, it's a way to quickly flash the Fastboot Recovery ROM, but things aren't always as simple as they may seem. When it comes to personalized production, Xiaomi devices have always been considered to be the frontrunners. There are a lot of stuff you might try out, from opening the bootloader to flashing custom ROMs.

What is FRP Lock?

Google Account Lock (FRP) protection for devices that are an Android 5.1 (or later) operating system that uses your Google Account to protect your device from factory resetting or deleting your phone without your identity. If you have set up a Google Account on your device, after resetting, wiping or re-flashing, you need to log in to your Google Account. Tell this on the phone. In order to be able to fully reset this manufacturing plant, you need to be allowed to use the "owner" accounts from the phone (the 1 person accustomed to arranging this up). Which means that if you provide me directly with your own mobile, I can not fully reset this without allowing a person inside appear to be arbitrary workarounds on the web, but almost the moment they are found they also get fixed.Before you completely reset this and create a brand new proprietor accounts, you will virtually have to know the actual sign in data going back accounts to make use of the phone.

How to install Xiaomi Mi Flash app on your PC

As a portable installer, newer versions of the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool are available. Therefore, you don't have to go through the setup, just double-click XiaomiFlash.exe to start the tool in no time at all. Older versions, however, still require installation through the setup file. If, for some reason, you are planning to use the older version of the flash tool, then here are the instructions needed to do the same.

Download Xiaomi Flash Tool

Download the new Mi Flash Tool version from the link below:

Live Demo Click here
Plz wait 20 seconds


So, all this is from this Xiaomi MI Flash Tool guide. This is undoubtedly one of the most critical resources for users of Xiaomi and a blessing for tech enthusiasts. In that respect, we have mentioned all the steps needed to install this tool on your PC. In addition, the instructions have also been discussed for flashing the Fastboot ROM to your Xiaomi computer.

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