Latest Miracle Box Setup V3.09 | Miracle Thunder Update 2021

This is a Miracle Box tool that is very helpful in fixing most Android device issues, including flashing devices, IMEI repair, SIM network unlock, and FRP reset of all Android devices. Miracle Box Setup V3.09 Latest or Miracle Thunder Update can be easily downloaded and enabled from below with a single click. To download and install the New Configuration Miracle Package, follow the steps below.

Latest Miracle Box Setup V3.09 | Miracle Thunder Update 2021

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Many people already know that one of the best and most common technical mobile repair tools that helps users repair their devices is the Miracle app. You are free to fix all kind of software related problems such as flickering, frp bypass, IMEi patch, root / unroot, etc. once you have a Miracle tool in your possession.

Total Setup With Driver Free Miracle Box 2020 V3.09

Miracle Box is a specialist mobile device manager and program for data flashing that can be used to flash new smartphones and tablets or to reformat them successfully. This professionally built application allows users to use a USB cable to access portable devices and to read and write on secure storage partitions, including bootloaders and OS flash locations that are critical to achieving optimum system performance.

Miracle Thunder Version 3.09 Released 12 th October 2020

  1. Add Support for vivo S5 Factory Reset.
  2. Add vivo support for X23 2 / Z5X 2 / S5 2 / Z5 2 Factory reset.
  3. Add Support for Huawei Power On Account Unlock (ADB).
  4. Add Format / Flash Support for SPD SC7731E2.
  5. Add the latest Qualcomm Auto Detect CPUID.
  6. Connect New Support to Qualcomm Boot.
  7. MTK Fixed Some Boot Versions.
  8. Patch Up Any Glitches.
  9. MTK / Qualcomm / SPD 125 + List of new models added.

                  Miracle Box v3.08 Setup Details

                  1. Software Full Name: Miracle Box Setup tool v3.08
                  2. Setup File Name: Miracle_Thunder_Edition_3.08_Setup.exe
                  3. Full Setup Size: 948 MB
                  4. Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
                  5. Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
                  6. Latest Version Release Added On: 27th October 2020

                  Miracle Box Setup V3.09 Thunder Edition!

                  What is the Miracle Box used for?

                  1. The cell phone market is rising day by day in China
                  2. All in one packet solution (Truly for China Mobile, you may say)
                  3. One China Mobile Repair Full Package.

                  MTK/Qualcomm/SPD 125+ Add New Models List.

                  1. ACCENT Cameleon C5
                  2. ACE BUZZ 1 LITE
                  3. ACE BUZZ 2 LITE
                  4. Alcatel 1X (5008D)
                  5. Alcatel 3L (5039D)
                  6. Alcatel Gauss (5053D)
                  7. BEELINE SMART 2
                  8. BLAUPUNKT SL 02
                  9. BLU C5 PLUS
                  10. BLU V5
                  11. Digma Linx A452 3G
                  12. Digma Linx A453 3G
                  13. DOOGEE X11
                  14. EVERTEK M10 Nano
                  15. Helio S10
                  16. Helio S20
                  17. HISENSE F15
                  18. HISENSE F16
                  19. HISENSE F23 Plus
                  20. HISENSE F27
                  21. Hisense T965
                  22. HONOR 7
                  23. HONOR 7 PLAY
                  24. HONOR 7S
                  25. HUAWEI AMN-LX2 Huawei Y6
                  26. HUAWEI AMN-LX9 Huawei Y6
                  27. HUAWEI CRO-L22 Huawei Y3
                  28. HUAWEI CRO-U00 Huawei Y3
                  29. HUAWEI DRA-LX2 Huawei Honor Y5 Prime 2018
                  30. HUAWEI DUA-L22 Huawei HONOR 7A
                  31. HUAWEI GR3 TAG-L13
                  32. Huawei JAT-LX1 Honor 8A
                  33. Huawei JAT-LX3 Honor 8A
                  34. HUAWEI JMM-AL00
                  35. HUAWEI MRD-LX1 Huawei Y6
                  36. HUAWEI MRD-LX2 Huawei Y6
                  37. HUAWEI MRD-LX3 Huawei Y6
                  38. HUAWEI TAG-L21
                  39. IKU I1
                  40. Infinix Hot 7 X624b
                  41. Infinix Hot 7 X625b
                  42. Infinix S5 X62A
                  43. Infinix S5 X652
                  44. Infinix S5 X652A
                  45. Infinix S5 X652C
                  46. Infinix Smart 4 X653
                  47. Infinix Smart 4 X653C
                  48. iPro L40
                  49. Itel A44 POWER
                  50. Itel A466
                  51. Itel P 33 PLUS
                  52. Itel P33
                  53. Itel S15 PR0
                  54. Itel W5005
                  55. Itel W5005P
                  56. Lava Iris  LH9810
                  57. LAVA R3 NOTE (LE9810)
                  58. Lenovo A5 (L18021)
                  59. Lenovo K10 Plus
                  60. Lenovo Z5 PRO GT
                  61. Lenovo Z6 PRO (L78051)
                  62. Tecno A52 LITE
                  63. Tecno AB7 Phantom 9
                  64. Tecno AB7 Phantom 9
                  65. Tecno CAMON 12 CC6 
                  66. Tecno CAMON 12 CC9
                  67. Tecno CAMON 15 CD7 
                  68. Tecno CAMON 15 PRO CD8 
                  69. Tecno CB7 CAMON i4
                  70. Tecno CC6
                  71. Tecno CC7
                  72. Tecno CC9
                  73. Tecno KB7
                  74. Tecno KB7J
                  75. Tecno KB8
                  76. Tecno KC1
                  77. Tecno KC1J
                  78. Tecno KC3
                  79. Tecno kc8
                  80. Tecno LC6 Pouvoir 3 AIR
                  81. Tecno LC6A POVOUR 3 AIR
                  82. Tecno PHANTOM 9 AB7 
                  83. Tecno RA8
                  84. TP-Link TP910A
                  85. UMX U683CL
                  86. VIVO IQOO NEO_2
                  87. Vivo S5
                  88. Vivo S5_2
                  89. vivo x23_2
                  90. vivo x27 pro_2
                  91. VIVO Z1X(1917)_2
                  92. VIVO Z5_2
                  93. VIVO Z5X_2
                  94. Walton H8 Pro
                  95. Walton Primo E9
                  96. WALTON Primo H8
                  97. Walton Primo R6 Max
                  98. We A50
                  99. Wiko Y60 W-K510
                  100. ZTE A3 2019
                  101. ZTE Blade V9 (P450l10)
                  102. ZTE L8RU
                  103. ZTE NUBIA 11
                  104. ZTE NUBIA 11
                  105. ZTE Star 2 (G720T)
                  106. ZTE V0720
                  107. ZTE V7
                  108. ZTE V7 Max
                  109. Majestic Tab 511 3G
                  110. MAXIMUS P7
                  111. Micromax Ione N8205
                  112. MOBICEL FENDY DS
                  113. MOBICEL BERRY PLUS
                  114. Mobicel R1 Plus
                  115. MOBICEL RIO SS
                  116. MOBICEL ZEN
                  117. MOBIWIRE KICKA 5
                  118. Motorola E6 plus
                  119. Neffos C9a (TP-Link TP706A)
                  120. PREMIO S72
                  121. QMOBILE I10 2019
                  122. QMOBILE S8
                  123. Smartisan Nut R1
                  124. STREAM HT16
                  125. STREAM S40285
                  126. STYLO Ruby
                  127. SYMPHONY E90
                  128. Symphony V128
                  129. Symphony Z12
                  130. Symphony Z15


                  Download Link

                  File Name:

                  Miracle Box Setup V3.09

                  File Type:




                  File Size:

                  1.01 GB

                  Compatible OS

                  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 with 32&64bit


                  Live Demo Click here
                  Plz wait 20 seconds

                  How to Download Flash File and get Password:


                  What is Technology for Fuzzy Logic?

                  Fuzzy Logic Technology is common in a combination of hardware and software, this technology does not rely on Database, also uses its own feature to check what the problem came in an electronic device, adjusts its own signal / feature according to the accrued problem, which does not need to update the software database every time.

                  Why is the Miracle Box OK?

                  • This is the most current (Fuzzy Logic) based technology.
                  • Single Click is a user-friendly job.
                  • No need for Auto Detection to tell which CPU is on your smartphone.
                  • Only press the Single Update button. No need to update every day.
                  • The Miracle Box has the greatest CPU info library.
                  • It comes with multilingual languages.
                  • Our teamwork is all over the clock to support our boxes and customers.


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